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Helping you stay on the right side of Employment Law

Oyez Waterlow

Solutions for HR Specialists & People Managers

If you are responsible for HR processes or are simply a team manager, this cost-effective range of products will allow you to deal efficiently with even the most challenging of HR processes in an easy, logical and fully compliant manner.

Employment legislation changes constantly. To ensure you don’t fall behind or end up on the wrong side of the law, all of the products in our range are continually monitored and updated as required by an editorial team of legal and HR specialists. Thousands of UK firms depend on this expertise to source the products they know they can trust to safely support their administrative and management processes.

We promise that you can always rely on our products to provide a professional, accurate and effective approach to HR.

All of our forms and documents are now available in familiar,

flexible and easy-to-personalise Word format


 HR communication with non-desk workers is generally delegated to direct  . . .

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